An Encounter at the Beach

The best thing about living in LA County is deffinately the beach. It almost makes up for the traffic. Which feels like trying to excuse a boyfriend for lopping off your limbs to make girl-jerky by wistfully reminiscing about his hauntingly gorgeous eyes.

Last week while waiting for my spouse to get off work, I went to the beach to get some work done. On my way to my customary bench a cloud of insects twisted their way through the stiff sea breeze. Bands of yellow and black looped and twirled. It was a swarm of bees.

They showed no interest in the trashcans full of discarded fructose. They must be looking for a new hive, I thought. I couldn't think of any other reason for an entire swarm to be moving like that.

People who noticed gasped and shied away, covering their faces and waving their arms as if they could smear the bees away. I stood transfixed with puzzlement.

The swarm was maybe forty bees. Not enough to sustain a new colony.

One of the stragglers must've heard the racial slurs uttered by the others around me because she (all worker bees are female) turned in disgust. I apologized for my fellow  humans reaching out a hand of supplication.

The bee regarded my hand and then turned back to fly away. Which is when I noticed that the bee had no stinger, which meant it was a male drone. Male drones only leave the hive en mass when it's time to fertilize a virgin queen.

I had just witnessed a bee orgy fly past my head.

A New Home

The MySql on our old servers kept crashing and the only solution wash to rub bucket of money on them. So I took a second option and put it out of its memory with this handy rock that was lying on the side of the road.

One of my favorite YouTube Shows, SciShow, got sponsored by these guys so I thought I would try it out. I'll have to start re-uploading all of the old backups in the coming week and try to get in the habit of posting regularly now that I have a working site again.

Only time will tell if the investment was worth. I'll keep this rock though.